Meet Andi

Andi Day, candidate for the Washington State Senate seeking to represent the 19th Legislative District, is a seasoned business and community leader and a proud, fifth-generation Washingtonian with deep roots in the 19th. She grew up in Pacific County, spanning from Tokeland to Naselle and now lives on the Long Beach Peninsula, where she is raising her 13 year old son. Andi has extensive knowledge of the unique industries, challenges and opportunities of this district, and she understands firsthand the importance of a thriving local economy.

Andi’s campaign reflects her lifelong dedication to community service and representative leadership. Known for her pragmatic collaborative energy, she focuses on creating solutions that bring tangible benefits to those she represents.

She is passionate about rural economic development, education, healthcare, protecting natural resource-based industries, affordable housing, infrastructure and making sure that rural voices are heard and effectively communicated. Andi will work hard and listen, and she is committed to providing better representation and better results for everyone in the 19th, ensuring a vibrant future for all and future generations to come.


  • Honest and hard working
  • Grounded and pragmatic
  • Discerning and reasonable
  • Dedicated and passionate
  • Collaborative and accessible


  • Protecting natural resource-based economies
  • Education; our kids deserve the best
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare

“Serving the community where I grew up would be both an honor and a privilege. I am deeply grateful for the trust, education, guidance, and support I have received over the years. I am eager to give back as an effective, honorable legislator who earns the trust and pride of our constituents.”


    In Olympia

      “With over ten years of experience working alongside lawmakers, I have actively participated in every step of the legislative process, achieving bipartisan support and securing direct benefits for our communities, industries, and state.”

        As a Representative

          “As the director of a publicly and privately funded organization that represented hundreds of independent businesses and various municipalities and communities, I understand representation and the importance of being accessible, listening to constituents and communicating openly and often.”

            The Issues


            Roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, schools, and other public buildings all need to be maintained and/or replaced for functionality and safety. The 19th Legislative District needs someone in the room and at the table to advocate for our needs.


            Like every parent, Andi wants her kid to be safe, healthy, educated, happy, and have opportunities and options for the future. She believes that ALL our kids and our educators deserve the best. K-12, CTE, and higher education should be top priorities and investments in our future.


            I am committed to protecting access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion. Period.

            Responsible Gun Ownership

            We owe it to the public and especially to our children to take steps to address one of the highest causes of death among children in the U.S. Gun regulations have been shown to reduce gun deaths, increase safety of law enforcement officers, reduce public expense, decrease gun violence and save the lives of children — it would be irresponsible not to try.